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Do YOU have the X-Factor?

Want to join us?


If you're passionate about the Marrzipan Method of teaching and are interested in becoming one of our "Self'Confidence Coaches" then read on...


Marrzipan has spread like wildfire, and due to this rapid growth, we are now on the hunt for more superstars to join our team. The team are young, ambitious and motivated (sound like you?) and have a natural flair for public speaking and working with children. 


Full training of the Marrzipan Method of teaching will be provided, but we can't train personality! If you are a little bit crazy, but with your head screwed on at the same time, we want to hear from you! Hard work, passion and commitment are immediately noticed and rewarded. 



The ideal Marrzipan Teacher answers yes to all these questions...


  • Natural ability with children 

Are you one of those people that children are instantly drawn to at a family gathering? Are you the unofficial "Aunty/Uncle" to all the children you know? Can you keep a room full of children fully engaged and entertained all day? Do you have natural discipline that keeps you in charge and them listening to you, without being boring and affecting the fun? 


  • Sales Skills

Are you happy picking up the phone to someone you don't know? Are you confident when you're put on the spot and never lost for words? Can you walk in to a professional meeting and totally nail it? If you are passionate about something and believe in it, can you convince people that they should try it?


  • Confident speaking in front of large groups

Do all your friends ask you to be the MC at their wedding? Are you the best wing-man/woman in town because of your ability to go up to anyone and start talking to them? Can you command a large group of people with ease? Are you confident and charismatic on stage in front of an audience?


  • An infectious sense of humour

Can you make people laugh?

Can you make children laugh?!


About the position:


We are looking for a charismatic and enthusiastic role model, who exuberates energy, isn't afraid to look really silly, can promote in front of large audiences with ease, is confident cold-calling, can be professional in meetings with Principals and has the "X Factor" that children are drawn to. You may not have ALL of these skills, but have enough faith in yourself that (with some training), you would nail all of these areas.

This position is available in cities WORLDWIDE with the opportunity to move/relocate. Full time or part time considered. Amazing career opportunities, catering to your passions and areas of interest. 

If you're passionate about this position, give it your all, and be creative!

We're amped to hear from you.

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